Wildwind Sailing School with Certified Instructors.

Wildwind Sailing School offers sailing lessons and group tours all year. Located in Mont Choisy, Grand Baie. Specializing in small boats. Are you ready to learn how to sail with Wildwind and their certified instructors?

What is recreational Sailing?

Recreational sailing offers a unique and liberating experience on the open waters. It’s a leisurely pursuit characterized by the absence of a fixed destination, allowing enthusiasts to revel in the joy of the journey itself. This form of sailing is a celebration of shared experiences and adventurous spirits, making it an ideal activity for bonding with friends and creating lasting memories at sea.

One of the most appealing aspects of recreational sailing is its inherent flexibility. It grants you the freedom to chart your course according to your whims and fancies, unhindered by rigid itineraries or predetermined routes. This spontaneity opens the door to serendipitous discoveries and unexpected encounters, turning each outing into a fresh voyage of exploration.

What sets recreational sailing apart is the mix of pleasure and learning. As you navigate the waters, you’ll inevitably pick up invaluable seamanship skills. Whether it’s understanding wind patterns, fine-tuning sail trim, or mastering docking maneuvers, each outing is an opportunity for growth and refinement. This learning process is not just educational but immensely gratifying, as it empowers you to become a more proficient and confident sailor.

Recreational sailing is wonderfully inclusive, accommodating a wide range of preferences and skill levels. Whether you’re at the helm of a majestic yacht or gracefully maneuvering a nimble dinghy, the experience is tailored to suit both your level of expertise and the characteristics of the vessel. It’s essential to match the boat to your proficiency and the prevailing conditions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable excursion on the water.

Ultimately, recreational sailing encapsulates the essence of maritime enjoyment. It’s a chance to embrace the soothing rhythm of the waves, bask in the warmth of the sun, and relish the camaraderie of fellow sailing enthusiasts. It’s a pursuit that fosters a profound connection with nature and instills a sense of self-assurance on the water. So, whether you’re setting out on a grand voyage or embarking on a tranquil day cruise, recreational sailing promises an unforgettable journey of both pleasure and skill-building.

The Wildwind Fleet

Learn how to sail with wildwind

There are more than 20 small boats available at wildwind sailing school. They have a variety of shapes and sizes. 7 SUP boards adaptable for paddle and wind. 3 classic sets of beginner windsurf gear, and 2 wing foil boards.

Our equipment is multi-adaptable and easy to handle. With a large variety of options to choose from, the Wildwind Sailing School is the ideal place to try out a variety of sailing boats before purchasing one yourself. Amazing experiences start with small steps.

View the Product range for dinghy sailing

Dinghy boats

  • 3 Laser bugs
  • 1 Rs Quba
  • 3 Laser Pico
  • 5 Standard Laser
  • 2 Laser 2000
  • 1 Rs 500

Hobie catamarans

  • 3 Hobie 15
  • 4 Hobie 16 Le Race
  • 2 Hobie Pacific

Sup & windsurf gear

  • 7 Wind Sup Boards for stand-up paddling and windsurfing
  • 3 Beginner windsurf boards
  • 2 Wingfoil boards

Competitive Boat Rental Packages

Wildwind Sailing School offers competitive hourly rates with options to sail solo or with the assistance of a staff crew. They are all well-trained and certified by the RYA training academy.

With great training certificate programs on offer, Wildwind takes pride in offering certified lessons at no additional charge.

Recreational sailing adventures in Mauritius are the core of their service. Taking clients on tours of neighboring bays, teaching students skills and tricks along the way. Pick up a new skill at no extra cost.

Your safety remains their priority at all times.

For an additional Rs 600 you can sail with a crew or an instructor and guarantee your experience to be a memorable one. Don’t take my word for it. Check out these amazing videos showcasing just how much fun it is.

Popular booking choices

1hr Laser adventure Rs 1500

1hr Hobie adventure Rs 2000

Your child can learn to sail from age 7

The sailing center allows access to children from ages 7 years and up. Well-trained and organized staff are always excited to give youngsters and teens a fabulous sailing experience. No experience is required to give sailing a try.

Recreational Sailing Adventures in Mauritius

Children can learn how to sail in the safe hands of qualified instructors With attractive group packages including meals and certificates of participation, sailing can increase the confidence of your child on and in the water.

Make the most of the beautiful northern beaches of Mauritius and book your children for these coming holidays. You can contact the staff directly for more information or go to the link provided right here for you.

Royal Yachting Association

Wildwind Mauritius is recognized as a training center by the Royal Yachting Association.

Recreational Sailing Adventures in Mauritius

There are two distinct sailing areas on the northern side of the Island. Wildwind Sailing School is ideally located in Mont Choisy where the lagoon is large and deep enough, offering the freedom to discover the coastal region safely inside the boundary of the coral reef.

For experienced sailors, you have the option to venture just outside the reef where you will find stronger winds – the best on the island – as well as rolling waves that allow you to blast away in controlled sessions at sea.  

If you feel the need for even more adventure, you can join our day-long sail-aways in which you can explore some of the smaller outlying islands or other locations stopping for lunch along the way.

This is a group sail accompanied by instructors and crew to ensure the safety of everyone at sea. Wildwind is currently the only dinghy sailing school that promotes actively recreational sailing adventures in Mauritius.

A great opportunity to be on the water with experienced staff and friends to discover a unique sailing experience.

Recreational Sailing Adventures in Mauritius

Why should you book with Wildwind Sailing School?

  • Wildwind Sailing School has a complete array of boats, diving, windsurfing, and waterski gear to the island – it is all waiting for you right here on the beach! Making it ideal to learn how to sail a variety of wind-powered vessels.
  • Mauritius has beautiful summer weather year-round, and the perfect breeze for calm and steady sailing. You are sure to have a great time on, around, and underwater! Making it the ideal place for new sailors to learn how to sail.
  • Wildwind Sailing offers a truly amazing range of activities in and around the water.

It’s time for you to be part of the action. ARE YOU READY to share your adventures?

Recreational Sailing Adventures in Mauritius

Here are 10 reasons for you to start sailing in Mauritius.

Recreational Sailing Defined

Recreational sailing is characterized by day cruising without a fixed destination, emphasizing the enjoyment of the journey itself.

Shared Experiences and Adventures

It offers the opportunity to create memorable experiences and share adventures at sea with friends, fostering strong bonds and lasting memories.

Flexibility and Spontaneity

Unlike structured itineraries, recreational sailing allows for spontaneous decision-making, enabling serendipitous discoveries and unexpected encounters along the way.

Skill Development Through Enjoyment

While indulging in the pleasure of cruising, participants naturally acquire valuable seamanship skills, enhancing their proficiency in sailing techniques.

Inclusivity and Versatility

Recreational sailing accommodates varying preferences and skill levels, whether on a large yacht or a small dinghy, tailored to match the individual’s expertise and the boat’s characteristics.

Safety and Suitability

It’s crucial to match the boat to the sailor’s skill level and the prevailing conditions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.

Connection with Nature

Recreational sailing allows for a deep connection with the natural elements, offering the soothing rhythm of the waves and the warmth of the sun.

Camaraderie with Fellow Enthusiasts

Engaging in recreational sailing provides opportunities to interact with like-minded individuals, who share a common passion for the sea and sailing.

Self-assurance and Confidence Building

The experience fosters a sense of self-assurance on the water, empowering sailors to navigate with confidence and competence.

Memorable Journeys

Whether embarking on a grand voyage or a tranquil day cruise, recreational sailing promises unforgettable journeys filled with both pleasure and skill-building.

What are others saying about the Wildwind experience?


I have never sailed before and was a little afraid too as my husband booked here a sailing-centered holiday. But I had so much fun and have learned so much that I can’t believe it.

At first, I had an instructor working with me for the first two days and then I was able to go on a small boat alone and was super thrilled and proud of myself. There was always a safety boat with an instructor on it, close to me, so that I would always have someone to help in case I needed it.

There were also some advanced sailors who were getting their skills perfected here, so I would say that this place is both for beginners and advanced sailors a great match.

The crew is super professional and also fun. They go individually through your needs as a sailing student so you can get the most out of your experience here.

And the owner is the nicest guy ever, trying his best to make everyone have the nicest time and learn the most possible. Included in the price was also the coolest Katamaran-Excursion where we visited 3 beautiful islands and even saw whales. Super recommend!


I made my first sailing lessons @ Wildwind with a PICO and later with a LASER and I enjoyed sailing in the the CRYSTAL BLUE WATER, the view of the amazing hills on the island. In the bay during sailing and windsurfing I spotted multiple … További elemek


Great place to sail with very helpful and friendly staff

You do not need to own a boat to sail. Recreational sailing adventures in Mauritius are accessible and affordable. Start your sailing journey today and let the wind take you where you need to go.

Avoid the hassle of maintenance, storage, transportation, and much more. Wildwind has got all that covered so you can concentrate on just enjoying your sail time.

The team at Wildwind looks forward to sailing with you soon. Come and join the fun in the sun!

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